Sancerre Les Vignes Louys Marie (red)

-In memory of the successive generations of “Louys Marie” Reverdy who cultivated a large part of their vines in pinot noir until the end of the nineteenth century.

-Originates from old pinot noir vines situated at an altitude of 230m on a clay-limestone hillside.

-Ageing in new barrels ensures the richness and elegance of the best crus.

Tasting notes

Ruby-red colour, bouquet of ripe red fruits with lovely empryreumatic aromas. Good balance on the palate, with a lovely length supported by delicate and rounded tannins.

Serving suggestion

Perfect served at 14/15°c to accompany any grilled or roasted meat, small game or a delicious cheese platter.

Peak time to drink

Enjoy within 10 years, the tannins soften as the wine ages and the fruity aromas evolve favourably.