Domaine Reverdy-Ducroux

The history of the Reverdy-Ducroux domaine dates back to the XVI century. Passed down through 14 generations from fathers to sons, in keeping with tradition, the domaine has been widely developed; today it has 50 plots spread across the best terroirs in the Sancerre region.

Most of the plots have been replanted in recent decades. With the arrival of oenology, the domaine turned to new, rigorous practices and to new horizons, notably by developing vintages from the various plots following the Burgundy model. Today, the domaine cultivates around 50 vineyard plots spread across the most reputable slopes of the appellation through sustainable agriculture.

Alain Reverdy has also renovated the cellars with the addition of new buildings set into the hillside of the Verdigny vineyard in order to pump the wines by gravity. The cellars enable running off the juice whilst sheltering it from the air, racking by gravity, and a natural optimal temperature to create the best crus. The grape harvest has been modernised by using a new trembling reception trough for grapes that respects the quality of the grapes, and pneumatic presses that limit oxidation and preserve the finesse of the vintage. Furthermore, all the grapes, red and white, are destemmed in order to enhance the fruity character at the expense of the plant aromas. The domaine uses thermo-regulated concrete and stainless steel vats for the vinification of the various crus. Neutral yeasts guarantee the metabolism of the alcoholic fermentation, thus respecting the expression of each terroir. Lastly, the underground cellars with natural humidity ensure optimal conditions for ageing.

The domaine produces many white, red and rosé crus which represent the many mineral, floral or fruity expressions of its micro terroirs. The wines, now renowned, are sold all over the world and put the domaine at the forefront of Sancerre wine production.